I graduated from WSU with my major in Criminal Justice.  I have always loved learning about anything and everything. Currently I work part time with Alaska Airlines and spend the rest of my time at the Brewery learning more and more about the brewing process from the Master Brewer Dane (brother), but also taking care of organizing the business.  I have always wanted to be a business owner, and being able to share in the business with my brother Dane and my husband Justin is a dream come true.

  • Son of a Pumpkin (Fall Seasonal)
  • Naughty Brewnette (Brown ale)
  • Pestilence (Red Ale) 
  • Blonde Zombie (Lager)
  • Black Plague Stout​
  • Black Zomberry Lager (Summer Seasonal)
  • Stigma Blast (Fresh Hop IPA) (Fall Seasonal)
  • Toasted Tractor Tribute (IPA) Specialty
  • Black Plague Imperial Stout (Limited Imperial Specialty)
  • Stay Puft Porter (Limited Specialty)

I graduated from WSU majoring in Viticulture & Enology. I have always loved to home brew and always planned on opening up a Brewery with my family.  I have worked at multiple wineries (CBrands), worked internationally (Argentina) and have 11 years of experience in fermentation processing, research development, lab management, business, marketing, and customer service.  I have also consulted for breweries and wineries, assisting them with quality control, lab techniques, and processing procedures.  I love to teach and connect with people, sharing my knowledge of science and passion for brewing great beer with modern techniques and utilization of new products.

Welcome everyone!!!

Literally, hand-crafted beer made from washington grown ingredients.

Our beer styles contain hops, barley, and honey produced in Washington state.  We support local farmers and businesses from the state of Washington and its surrounding counties approved by the WSFMA. We use local ingredients to craft our new beer styles to ensure the growth of breweries in Washington continues to climb. Experience our tasty brews for yourself. Come in and grab a Growler, Mini Growler, or Pint to Go.


We offer beer brewing learning opportunities by personal invite only.

We buy all of our ingredients from local farmers and processors.

We have taken a different approach to making beer.  We design our beer styles around what we can make ourselves and by what the state farmers and processors can provide, so we can confidently say that we support Washington State. I hope you value this as much as we do and that you can come visit us when we start selling our beer at local farmers markets.


about us

​Four Horsemen Brewery 

I studied at Tacoma Community College but left before I obtained a degree to join the Army. I served in the US Army as Military police for 6 years. I loved what I did but decided there were better ways to help people and bring them together. I met my wife Dominique and through her I met Dane who introduced me to the wonders of brewing beer. It is my dream to bring people together to enjoy life, and I couldn't think of a better way than through a brewery. Now I stay close in assisting Dane in the brewing process as the knowledge that can be gained is limitless.  I also manage the marketing part of our operation.


Dominique Torgerson                Justin Torgerson                         Dane Scarimbolo