We are temporarily closed pending a battle against King County Code Enforcement.  Check some of the links below for more info..

Local Craft Beer in Covington

Four Horsemen Brewery local craft beer and growler fills in Covington with the best beer made with Washington Grown ingredients. Our beer is made with local ingredients from Washington State farmers and local producers to make our craft beer styles original and great to experience. Our brewery has social outdoor patio style seating where the family can enjoy our fresh hop rich beer or craft soda in a friendly and fun environment. We won best Washington Malt beer for our Black Plague Stout and we are proud to be from Washington State.  We are also dog friendly.

Please read the articles linked to the right above.  Then find your district and email your council member and vent your frustrations/concerns about the issues they are causing for businesses like ours.  We have been open and operating for the past two years LEGALLY according to all Federal, State, County laws, rules and regulations. KC Code Enforcement should not be allowed to change their interpretations of zoning laws years later and enforce those new interpretations on Legally Established businesses who according to the code should be Grandfathered in. We are asking for help in this issue as we are one of the few businesses that are questioning them, and now trying to establish a committee to bring TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY TO KING COUNTY CODE ENFORCEMENT!!! Please spread the word and email your council members!

​Four Horsemen Brewery